hbis delivered high temperature aerospace alloy series to clients-pg电子试玩入口


january 30, hbis material r&d institute successfully delivered its independently developed high temperature alloy to client to manufacture new type aircraft, which marks hbis has entered to high temperature alloy market for aircraft, after its aerospace bearing alloy received high client remarks from.this is another major breakthrough made by hbis material r&d institute in the field of special materials for aerospace after bearing alloys for aviation were highly recognized by users last year, laying a solid foundation for hbis to develop high-end nickel-based alloy material system.  

hbis material r&d institute is working hard to upgrade its products to special materials, particularly bottleneck materials in high temperature alloy materials in aerospace industry. the new team developing high temperature alloy is engaging clients to fully understand their demands in brands, specifications and capabilities and develop their procedures. the teams have developed 3 brands, 20 specifications and over 150 items of products and delivered to clients in time. these alloys have been used to mass production in manufacturing internal combustion engines, gas turbine and aerospace bearings.