hbis chairman met vice president of siemens, ceo of siemens advanta sarrazin aymeric-pg电子试玩入口


april 20, hbis chairman yu yong met siemens vice president and ceo of siemens advanta sarrazin aymeric in munich germany and they discussed to deepened their strategic cooperation and strengthen their joint efforts of carbon consumption reduction. hbis vice president li yiren, siemens china executive vice president, general manager of siemens advanta china zhu xiaoxun also attended the meeting.   

yu yong said hbis and siemens had a long history of cooperation and hbis application vision and siemens advanced technology made a perfect match. the cooperation was very satisfying. technologies and innovation belong to the owner, however, the users and application visions are giving them the value. siemens technologies and innovations are improving hbis technologies and competitiveness of its products, while hbis application visions are maximizing their value in return. these are the benefits to both sides.

yu yong said carbon reduction and new energy were two core issues of manufacturing in future. top manufacturers, represented by siemens and bmw, are investing heavily in carbon footprint. together with hbis, bmw is building a green and low carbon steel supply chain, giving new information, that manufacturers is shifting their focus to visions, besides quality and prices, green steel materials will be the priority  of manufacturers. the implementations of carbon tax and low carbon supply chain are firm steps of reduction of carbon footprint that could give enterprises the incentives to lower the carbon consumption and enjoy the benefits, making it a market demand rather than a government policy.  

yu yong said that,with the hydrogen vertical furnace steel making and electric ark short process steel technology, hbis was effectively reducing its carbon footprint, satisfying downstream high end client green &low carbon demands. siemens digitized, sustainable development, additive manufacturing technologies could help its clients to reduce their carbon footprints. over carbon reduction and applications of new energy, hbis and siemens are a joining hands to continue theirs in digital technologies, additive manufacturing by combining hbis application visions and siemens technologies and innovations to maximize their values and carbon reduction.

aymeric said, over the years, siemens are hbis were close strategic partners and making significant achievements. siemens own great technologies and products and could deliver comprehensive digitize solutions to its clients. in sustainable development, the siemens biological platform could offer intelligent and digitized technologies to calculate carbon footprint and trace the carbon in the whole process and build a green and low carbon biosphere along the supply chain. this year in hannover messe this year, the market is focusing more on vision oriented applications and the merger of existing technologies and actual application visions to resolve real difficulties.

aymeric said hbis own plenty of application vision of carbon reduction and siemens could offer digital and sustainable solutions. the two companies are on the same path and siemens wishes to build a network of cooperation and help their overseas development to make their low carbon cooperation more fruitful.